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I’m a southern Utah Realtor®.  I help property owners maximize their offers and close deals quickly. I also help real estate investors find success so they can enjoy their lives more.

Success in real estate investing can translate to more wealth, more free time and more freedom to do the things you really want to spend your time doing. For me, that’s mountain biking, skiing, sailing, trekking in the mountains, traveling and spending time with my family.

What is it for you?

Perhaps you want to spend more time playing with your kids, traveling with your significant other or relaxing at home?

Maybe you’d like to have the luxury of quitting your job — perhaps to start your own business, write the book that’s in your head, or find a different job that’s more fulfilling than the one you have. Or maybe you’ve already started your own business, but now you need more time to nurture it and help it grow.

Maybe you want to pay off debt?

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I actually got my start in real estate investing before I ever moved to Utah. I’m originally from southern California, and my grandfather had a successful real estate brokerage in the Los Angeles area. I’m extremely familiar with the California real estate markets, and I still keep an eye on what the markets there are doing as well as Utah.

I’m personally interested in finding profitable investment opportunities all over the globe, not just in Utah. So even if you’re not in the market for a local property here in Utah, I have valuable information to share with you about real estate investing in any area of the United States. And, since I’ve traveled extensively, and I network with property investors all over the globe, I’ll also share what I know about property investing outside the United States.

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